Tuesday, 23 October 2012

1 The Name's Bond, NS&I Premium Bond

Okay so this may never happen but I can't help but notice, on the eve of tonight's premiere, that almost everything else in the latest Bond film 'Skyfall' is in some way trying to sell a global brand. The main product that seems to have outraged fans is Heineken a rather tasteless european beer that has brought its way to the top of Bond's drink menu. Personally it's not the in-film placement that annoys me (after all Bond is seen drinking Red Stripe in Dr. No the first movie) it's the endless TV ads that try desperately to associate themselves with the popularity and image of our Great British Bond.

"there's nothing dangerous and sophisticated about a low fat, low caffeine brown fizzy drink"

Every advertisement in the UK seems to have the Bond theme tune. Apparently drinking Coke Zero will unlock my "inner bond" that's if I can buy one on my Sony Vaio once I've sobered up from all the Heineken. Daniel Craig told the BBC that the product placement was a 'necessary evil' in order to get the film made. I don't buy that. The makers of this film used so much product placement that it now makes up about a third of the films budget. This is more then I have ever heard of and I can only think that it is simply due to the greed of the producers. Their mentality is that considering they KNOW this film will gross millions and millions of dollars they may as well put in as little of their own money (or investors who require a return) as possible. This way when the film is hugely profitable they will get more money as they won't have to pay the likes of car and coke companies.

If you want to know more about product placement there is a great film by Morgan Spurlock (super size me etc). The film is about product placement and advertising in films and is entirely funded by product placement it's an amusing and eye opening film and I've posted the trailer below:

So can advertising ruin a Bond film? The answer is probably no. That said, the studios need to be careful not to dilute the Bond brand too much. In doing so they risk making Bond less "cool", after all there's nothing dangerous and sophisticated about a low fat, low caffeine brown fizzy drink. The films have to be good in order to justify all the various accompanying adverts and partnerships. Personally I can't wait for the film to come out, I have of course already booked my tickets, we'll probably go for a few beers after as well...a nice Heineken comes to mind. 


  1. That's what's called riding the wave. Even the biggest online advertising agencies in india will not deny how simple and effective it is to use someone or something else's popularity to help raise your own.



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